Web Development

Using powerful programming languages to interface with Relational Database Management Systems, we develop systems that power Intranets/Extranets, eCommerce Websites and Enterprise Level Content Management Systems.

Content Management System

A powerful and simple way to update your website without the need for a webmaster.
Websites today have become sophisticated and dynamic experiences full of powerful services and content. Organizations, such as yours, are always looking for ways to leverage brand and engage visitors on a large scale. Yet with the explosion of content on websites, managing the daily flow has become very expensive and time-consuming for growing organizations. Our Content Management Systems solution is designed to solve those content maintenance issues.

Our CMS solution will reduce costs and increase productivity.
This powerful tool allows you to manage the routine changes of text and graphics on your website, intranet or extranet without the knowledge of HTML or programming.

Custom Web Application Development

Web Applications encompasses wide range of services and custom application development approach. To gain scalability, portability and accessibility, creating custom web applications have become a necessity for an organization, regardless of the size. Companies are replacing their desktop applications with web-based systems. I use a very systematic approach towards web application development. I do not sell off-the-shelf projects or components but tend to develop a complete ground up application specific for your company needs.

I provide complete custom services including enterprise web portal development, web-based business applications, rich Internet applications and technology consultation for specific needs.

Portal and Membership Management

Create portals and manage who does what on your website.
Our portal and membership management system manages registration, member information, content and more. Each member registering on your portal enters a unique login and password. Members can manage their own contact information, address, email address and profile.

Client/Server Application Development

We can create robust enterprise applications with user-friendly interfaces meeting your business computing requirements.
When a Web application is not suitable, we develop Windows-based application development that provides data access anytime and anywhere through our customize Windows clients. We follow Microsoft Windows Interface Design Guidelines so that our clients behave very similar to other Windows programs.

We don’t just provide a Microsoft Access database application in disguise.

Online Product Catalog

Showcase your products and services with quick management access to modify items easily.
Our online product catalog provides your customers complete information about your products and services with the convenience of placing an order from anywhere at anytime. Placing your items online can reduce marketing, mailing and printing costs.

Add and delete items, customer information and invoices with our easy-to-use administrative console interface.
Our application can fully integrate with any E-commerce Application.

Secure Online Forms

Securely collect information from your visitors.
Whether it is an online survey or employment application, protect the information entered by your visitors with our secure online form solution.

Save time processing information by validating forms before they get submitted.


Sell, receive payments and manage your inventory online.
Our e-commerce solution puts a secure e-commerce website within the reach of your organization. Every page is generated on-demand using a database-driven application. Define multiple payment methods, including “real time” credit card, electronic check or PayPal.

Database Integration

Push and pull data from your backend database to your website.
Eliminate redundancy in data entry, manual review and reconciliations, soring and copying documents by integrating your existing database.

XML Web Services

Use XML technology to push and pull data from your existing accounting systems so that customers can have their account information online.
Web Services are used within an organization to integrate systems that were previously silos, getting the right information or functionality into the right hands at the right time. Web Services are also used to enable systems at different organizations to communicate with each other without having to make major conversions to their existing systems.

Save time and reduce costs.
In many service operations, data is captured multiple times and have to be repeatedly validated. The use of Web Services reinforces the “enter once” concept, which reduces data entry error and time.